Identikit is a progressive sextet of violin, saxophone, clarinet, upright bass, piano, and drums that fuses such disparate genres as klezmer, prog metal, latin jazz, and many more to create unreservedly new music.


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"A veritable chamber orchestra of sorts... Identikit utilizes highly unique instrumentation and compositional techniques to craft adventurous, genre-bending opuses that challenge conventional notions of just what popular music has the capacity to be."

"[Identikit's new single] 'Horizons' might be seven minutes long, but this quirky jazz caravan won’t bore us with obtuse morality tales about good and evil. Instead, we fly through whimsical jungles and across turbulent seas, with each player ready to turn a new direction any second."

"The band boasts a unique set of influences that combine to create something that balances both progressive and avant garde music, and they’ve won over audiences in the process."